About Goodspanner

Tyre Shop

At Goodspanner tyre centre we pride ourselves on providing the best brands and customer service in the industry. We work hard everyday to ensure our products are at the best possible price for you. At goodspanner we believe that it is more than just price that is important when buying tyres for your car.

We believe in providing a complete experience, this includes a wide range of options for your needs, education and comparison on what you are buying and good old fashioned customer service. We also provide the highest standards in our customer lounge with tea and coffee and a friendly atmosphere. With so many tyre brands and models available Goodspanner is committed to making sure the right option for your needs is provided.

Vehicle Service Centre

At Goodspanner service centre we pride ourselves on “re-inventing the wheel” in every aspect of our business. We spend a large amount of our efforts in always driving our level of customer service, our workshop efficiency and internal education to ensure we have the fastest and most affordable option for our customers. Goodspanner is proud of having reached the high standard of being recognised by all factory manufacturers, as an approved alternative for all your servicing needs. We can even maintain your factory warranty.

Customer communication is extremely important to us at Goodspanner. We strive to make our customers feel involved in the process and also that 100% understand what we are doing to their vehicles and the costs involved.

Whether you have a brand new car or an older member of the family, let Goodspanner ensure it is specially taken care of. Goodspanner also specializes in all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs, From servicing to suspension, brakes to air conditioning Goodspanner can handle any work required to your vehicle, at the highest level of workmanship.

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