HSP Silverback Lids

The HSP Silverback Lid

The HSP SilverBack Range is a brand-new line of hard lids from HSP. Designed for the user that wants a multipurpose cover offering outstanding security, visual aesthetics, load carrying capability at a cost-effective price.

Boasting a long list of features and options such as cross bar compatibility, quick release hinges, marine grade interior carpet, Max-Lift struts and uninterrupted use of the tailgate all at almost half the price of a standard hard lid.

No Visible Locks

No visible locks

The HSP Silverback lid has no visible locks on the exterior. This allows for a slimmer sleeker look and creates a challenge for any unwanted intruders trying to break in.

Cross Bar Compatible

The Silverback hard lid is compatible with cross bars meaning you can now maximize your vehicles carrying ability by carrying both in and on top of the tub.

Tailgate Fully operational when Lid is closed

Due to the specialised design of the Silverback Lid, the unit allows the tailgate to be fully operational even when the lid is in a closed position. This gives access to the tub without having to also open the hard lid.

Weather Protection

The Silverback lid is guarded by an enclosed thick compression seal which gives fantastic protection against water. Further enhanced by its design which directs water to flow off the lid.

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