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The Tiger Paw GTZ All Season 2 utilizes an all-season tread compound moulded into a symmetric design, featuring larger outboard shoulder elements and a continuous centre rib for responsive handling and satisfying cornering feedback. A computer-phased block design helps minimize road noise and combines with Uniroyal's Tru-Last Technology, helping maintain an even footprint for longer tread life.

Key Features

  • Large lateral notches channel water from the contact patch to four circumferential grooves for increased hydroplaning resistance.
  • Scalloped intermediate tread blocks and ridges in the outboard grooves create biting edges for improved slush and snow traction.
  • Internal construction of the Tiger Paw GTZ All Season 2 consists of a two-ply, polyester casing to provide a durable, comfortable ride.
  • Twin steel belts with a single nylon reinforcement ply increase high speed stability and responsive handling.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
205/45R17 88W88W616
205/50R17 89W89W637
215/50R17 95W95W647
215/45R17 91W91W625
225/45R17 94W94W634
225/55R17 97W97W679
225/50R17 94W94W657
235/50R17 96W96W667
235/55R17 99W99W690
235/45R17 94W94W643
245/45R17 95W95W652
245/40R17 91W91W628
215/45R18 93W93W651
225/60R18 100W100W727
225/40R18 92W92W637
225/50R18 95W95W682
225/45R18 95W95W660
235/40R18 95W95W645
235/45R18 94W94W669
235/50R18 97W97W692
245/45R18 96W96W678
245/40R18 97W97W653
245/50R18 100Y100Y702
255/35R18 94W94W636
255/40R18 95W95W661
255/45R18 99W99W687
265/35R18 93Y93Y643
275/40R18 99W99W677
275/35R18 95Y95Y650
225/40R19 93Y93Y663
225/45R19 96W96W685
235/35R19 91Y91Y647
235/40R19 96W96W671
245/35R19 93Y93Y654
245/45R19 102Y102Y703
245/50R19 105W105W728
245/40R19 98Y98Y679
255/40R19 100Y100Y687
255/35R19 96Y96Y661
275/35R19 100Y100Y675
275/40R19 101Y101Y703
285/35R19 103Y103Y682
245/35R20 95Y95Y680
245/40R20 99Y99Y704
245/45R20 103Y103Y729
255/45R20 105Y105Y738
255/35R20 97Y97Y687
275/35R20 102Y102Y701

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