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The new generation all-terrain AT3 4S delivers a softer and quieter ride for outstanding on-road grip and handling. Great for weekly commutes and weekend getaways and guaranteed to last 70,000km* for real value for money.

Key Features

  • Scalloped Shoulders deliver increased soft surface off-road traction usually reserved for more aggressive tread designs.
  • Full-Depth Micro-Gauge Sipes are deeper sipes that evacuate water from under the tyre to increase grip, handling and safety for the entire life of the tyre.
  • Whisper Groove Shields provide a sound barrier that minimises tyre noise for a quieter ride by reducing the noise within the tyre cavity.
  • R-Tech Engineering combines an extended stiff bead filler in the sidewall with a Variable Density Nylon Overlay over the belts to deliver crisp handling while maintaining passenger comfort. R-Tech gives you a safer, softer and smoother ride.
  • Next-Gen Silica Compound with Adaptive Technology provides extreme weather traction while delivering lower rolling resistance and improved mileage.

Performance Category: All Terrain

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
225/70R15 100T100T696
235/75R15 109T109T734
265/70R15 112T112T752
235/70R16 106T106T735
255/70R16 111T111T763
235/65R17 108H108H737
245/65R17 111T111T750
255/65R17 110T110T763
265/50R20 111T111T773
265/50R20 111T111T773
275/45R22 112H112H806

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